Meditation: A Tool For Happiness or An Exercise in Frustration?

3 Great Tips to Turn Your Meditation into a Rewarding Experience!   When I first started meditating several years ago, it was anything but fulfilling!  I would make time in my calendar, sit down and “try” to meditate.  I would get uncomfortable trying to hold the same still position, my mind would be full of thoughts and chatter, and I would feel frustrated and unfulfilled when it was … [Read more...]

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Today I enjoyed a wonderful You-Tube video with a group of people staging a ‘laugh-in’ on the subway. It is a wonderful illustration of how laughter is contagious!  To watch it, click HERE.   One of the joys of participating in and teaching Laughter Yoga is that I’ve experienced first hand that laughter, whether purposefully generated or in response to something we see or experience that’s … [Read more...]

A Bird in Hand

  As I engage in spiritual transformation discussions with my clients, workshop participants, and members of my Heartful Awakening Circle online community ( who are making choices to have more of what they want in their lives, I am noticing a trend.  It’s one that feels prudent and wise on the surface, but detrimental when you get to the ‘deepest intent’ that underlies … [Read more...]

What Story Are You Living?

One of my Lollipop Ship sisters (long and lovely story for another time) mentioned being asked this question as part of one of her transformational workshops.  I love its simultaneously simple yet profound nature, which I've experienced is often the case with big questions or statements.  I couldn't help but ponder.   The "story" that I'm living has been a primary subject as I've been immersed in … [Read more...]

Marriage Advice

I was asked by a dear friend who is getting married this weekend to share some wisdom for creating a long-lasting union. Here is what I have habitually written on wedding and bridal shower cards for years and years.  In fact, this is not solely marriage advice - it can be applied to each and every relationship you have.  Remember it's 1+1 =3 Another person cannot "complete" you. Each person … [Read more...]